Our Mission

The Nutritional BioBalance Association is a  non-profit organization dedicated to strengthen communities by providing solutions globally to Prosper and be in Good Health. NBA was formed in 2002 for the purpose to provide Spiritual, Physical, and Educational Awareness to communities worldwide. 

Art Morris teaches a wide range of topics: Parity economics, 
Constitutional Law,
Healthy Nutrition, 
Scriptures, Innovative Inventions, Business Opportunities, Organic Agriculture,  Community Awareness.

















The Nutritional Bio-Balance Association

The Almighty's Way to Ultimate Health

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. " Hosea 4:6 

Our Mission
"Beloved, I Wish Above All Things That Thou Mayest Prosper and Be In Health, Even As Thy Soul Prospereth". III John 2
Wouldn't you like to know how to regain and maintain your health the way God intended? Do you want to know God's method for claiming good health for you, your family and friends? 

Sickness such as: Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, etc. have reached epidemic proportions and are expected to worsen because of the lack of knowledge. Will you become the next statistic? Please join us in learning about health and prosperity.

It should be understood that disease comes from the inside and works its way outward. To understand how to prevent or cure a disease you must understand what a disease really is. There are not 10,000 diseases in the world. You might be asking yourself, how many are there? Well just one, the accumulation of toxins in the weakest organ/organs of the body.

There are ways that your body uses to fight off these diseases when your immune system seems to fail. These problems are interrupted by the creation of tumors, cancers and other unbearable methods. Tumors are the body's way of encapsulating a dangerous poison. Kind of like fat is a way of storing toxins. Cancer is a way the body takes care of highly toxic environments. All of the problems in your body are a result of what you put into it. Your body is a complex system that is generating energy and using it at the same time. How can you make a generator run when you are putting Elmer’s glue into it? You just can't.

The way we tell we are diseased. Looking at ph litmus paper we can tell if our body is alkaline or acidic. When our body is acidic we are diseased. When our body is alkaline, we are in a healthy state. There are only few ways to get alkaline, and many ways to get acidic. We can achieve maximum health and alkalinity by eating raw foods, with no pesticides. Foods with enzymes help the body to move nutrients and energize you through the day. Breaking down unwanted crystals in your body will relieve you from sharp pains, arthritis and heart problems. Virtually anyone can bring themselves to a healthy state if you just reprogram yourself and feed yourself what your body need.

Come and Learn

Every Monday night, excluding holidays, our members meet to learn about alternative solutions to their health. We provide the guidance for communities to work together to spread awareness. For More Information, please visit us on Monday Night at 7:00pm.

Lecture Topics

Thyroid Problems
Weight Gain

Diet and Nutition
Safety for your Health
Recent Inventions
Darkfield Microscopy
Our Staff

Art Morris - Darkfield Microscopist / Laser Therapist / MIR
Betsy Wolf - Nutritionist
Chris Wolf - Public Relations